About Fellucia Blow

Name: Fellucia Blow

Age: 30-something

Where I Live: In the Northlands
Favorite activity: The beauty and artistry of fellatio
Best expression of my world view: My video productions, a mixture of sound and vision with an eye towards creativity, eroticism and sensual fulfillment.

Mission: A simple re-defining of sensual pleasures, from pornography to art, with a focus on the loving delights of giving oral pleasures to your partner. Hopefully, what follows is a mutual respect and bonding that can lead to an even wilder and more intimate sexual experience for all.

For those who view my productions by themselves, as a solo experience, my hopes are that you find pleasure, and passion, and a sexual release that will lead you on a new journey of discovery that brings you back to me time and again for erotic renewel.

It is my belief that a viewer knows the difference between someone who is merely "performing" and is paid for their "work", and an artist who does this for the love of fellatio. My art is joyous expression, and is intended for those who truly appreciate
"a blowjob experience".

Perhaps like you?

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